People ask me what do I wear for my video interview?

The first thing one must consider is not wearing clothes with a small pattern on them. For example, hound’s tooth jackets or thin stripes can lead to a moire pattern on the TV screen. The sports jacket or a tie seems to move by itself and can distract the viewer from what the person is saying on screen.

A second thing to consider is not wearing anything shiny. For example, tie clips, lapel pins, large flat jewelry can distract from what the person is saying by flashing a bright light back into the camera.

A third thing to consider is not to wear white. It can wash out a person’s face because the camera cannot compensate for the differences between white and a person’s face. I would shy away from wearing a big white block for that reason.



Realtors ask me, “I can get my nephew to do my drone photos since he has one.” 

Is your nephew an FAA licensed drone operator? If not, then there is a hefty fine for the realtor. The FAA is $11,000 for each instance, and the drone operator can be fined $1,100 for each case. It’s the same as hiring a truck driver who has no CDL.


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